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јнглийские скороговорки

Tongue Twisters
  1. I thought I saw a saw.
  2. Any noise annoys an oyster.
  3. A fly and a flea fly into a flue.
  4. Whether the weather be hot, whether the weather be cold.
  5. My mummy makes me muffins on Mondays.
  6. Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry.
  7. Very well, very well, very well, very well.
  8. Two tiny tigers take two taxis to town.
  9. Excellent Elizabeth eats eight eggs easily.
  10. Thin snails and thick snails.
  11. Santa's Short Suit Shrunk.
  12. Yellow yaks yell at your yoyos!
  13. Zack zooms to the zoo on his zoomer.
  14. Vinny visits Vincent in his van.
  15. Ruby Rugby's brother brought her ruby roses.
  16. The unicorn uses uncle's umbrella.
  17. Picky people pick Peanut Butter.
  18. Jolly Jane is jumping around in her new jeans.
  19. Elizabeth's birthday is on the third Thursday of this month.

ƒата публикации: 13.04.2012