ращий урок з Ђ Posnaykoї

 лас: 3

“ема: ѕрирода

ѕ≥дтема: ќвоч≥ ≥ фрукти

ћета:         -  ввести нов≥ лексичн≥ одиниц≥ ≥ закр≥пити њх в усному мовленн≥;

                  - формувати навички д≥алог≥чного мовленн€;

                  - вдосконалити техн≥ку читанн€;

                  - розвивати в учн≥в навички ауд≥юванн€;

                  - практикувати учн≥в у письм≥;

                  - навчити учн≥в правилам вживанн€ неозначеного артикл€;

                  - формувати навички усного мовленн€;

                  - виховувати любов до природи.

ќбладнанн€ : п≥дручник,робочий зошит,памТ€тка Ђ ¬живанн€ неозначеного артикл€ї,компТютер(презентац≥€ Ђ ќвоч≥ ≥ фруктиї),картки дл€  ≥ндив≥дуального завданн€,фрукти ≥ овоч≥,≥грашки.

’≥д  уроку

I.      ќрган≥зац≥йна частина уроку

1.ѕрив≥танн€.ѕов≥домленн€ теми ≥ мети уроку/Greetingandaim

Good morning, pupils! How are you? I am glad to see you. Look around. What can you see in                                                    our classroom today? Yes, these are fruit and vegetables. Today we`ll learn different fruit and vegetables, do some grammar exercises and have a lot of fun! 

2.‘онетична зар€дка

Look at the blackboard, pupils. What letter can you see? Yes, itТs letter Uu. Let`s remember some sounds.

/ u / - bush, pull, push;

/ u: / - fruit, juice, blue;

/ ju / - unit, use, union;

/ ^ / - pumpkin, plum, bulb.

3. ћовленнЇва зар€дка / Warming - up

What can you see on this table? Is it a fruit? Yes, you are right. It is an apple. I have got a poem for you, my dear.  Look atthe blackboard.Listen it and read after me.

A little red apple


A little red apple

Hangs on a tree.

 IТm looking at it

And it`s looking at me.

ЂCome down, please! ї - I call.

And what do you suppose?

 That little red apple

 Drops right on my nose!


II. ќсновна частина уроку

1.ѕерев≥рка домашнього завданн€

Your homework was exercise 4 on page101.  Give me your exercise-books and I`ll check up your task.

2.ќзнайомленн€ з новим лексичним матер≥алом

 Our lesson will be very interesting because we`ll have a guest. But you must guess his name. Are you ready to do it? So, you must look on the pictures, remember the nameof each animal and write out only the first letter of the word.

P -    Panda

O -    Owl

S -    Squirrel

N -    Nightingale

A -    Antelope

Y -     Yak

K - Kangaroo

O Ц   Ostrich


Well done, my dear! Our guest is Posnayko! Oh, listen! What a beautiful song! Who is singing it? Look, this is ЕЕ.Maybe you know who is this? Yes, this is our best friend Posnayko.



We are so happy to see you Posnayko and your friend Voice. Our children are very clever and I am sure you`ll know it today. Oh, pupils, Voice has got a task for us. We must learn the names of fruit and vegetables. LetТs start.

( омпТютерна презентац≥€ Ђ Fruit and vegetablesї)


Ј                       Carrot

Ј                       Cabbage

Ј                       Beet

Ј                       Onion

Ј                       Tomato

Ј                       Cucumber

Ј                       Potato


Ј                       Lemon

Ј                       Orange

Ј                       Banana

Ј                       Apple

Ј                       Plum

Ј                       Melon

Ј                       Watermelon


3.–озвиток навичок усного мовленн€

Now we know all fruit and vegetables. But look Posnayko is crying. Why are you crying, dear? All fruit and vegetables are in this basket. Posnayko likes fruit, but Voice likes vegetables. Let`s help them and divide all things into two baskets.


1. Banana                                                                         1.Tomato

2. Lemon                                                                      2.Cucumber

3. Apple                                            3.Potato

4. Orange                                          4.Carrot

5. Melon                                                                       5.Beet

6. Plum                                               6.Onion

You must look on the pictures and complete the sentences. For example,

-                        This is a banana.

-                        It is a fruit.

4. –озвиток навичок читанн€

( Compact disk )

Children, do you like cucumbers? Have you ever heard about wild cucumbers? So, let`s listen to the story about crazy cucumbers.


                                         CRAZY CUCUMBERS

-                        Hey, who are you?

-                        I am a cucumber.

-                        No, we are cucumbers.

-                        Listen, I am a cucumber, too.

-                        No, you are not!

-                        Don`t make me mad!

-                        Oh, no every man for himself.


And now we can read and translate this story.

5. –озвиток навичок ауд≥юванн€

Look at these animals. They have a quarrel. This big mouse wants to have all big fruit and vegetables, so this little lion is crying. Don`t quarrel, please .You must be friends. Our pupils can help you. Children, you must listen to my stories, guess the name of the fruit or vegetables and draw it on your sheet of pepper.

-                        It is a vegetable.It is big. It is green.(Cabbage)

-                        It is a fruit. It is small. It is blue. ( Plum )

-                        It is a vegetable. It is small. It is orange. ( Carrot )

-                        It is a fruit. It is big. It is yellow. ( Melon )


6. ‘≥зкультхвилинка

Well done, pupils. We could help our friends. Now let`s rest. Posnayko has got a cool song for us.


                                                              BIG OR LITTLE


 I`m a big- big cat.

 I`m a little-little mouse.

 Big- little, big-little,

 Clap, clap, clap.

 I`m a big-big bear,

 I`m a little-little bee.

Big - little, big-little,

Tap, tap, tap.

I`m a big-big shark,

I`m a little-little frog,

Big- little, big-little,

Clap, clap, clap.

Now stand up, pupils. Let`s sing and dance together.

7.ќзнайомленн€ з новим лексичним матер≥алом.

Oh, Voice is sad! Why are you sad, my dear? Voice has got a grammar task, but he doesn`t know how to do it. But Posnayko can help us. He has got a grammar note for us. Let`s learn it!

ƒов≥дка в≥д ѕ≥знайка

                                             —лова -  пом≥чники AтаAN

—п≥льне ¬≥дм≥нне

1.—то€ть перед словами,1. ANпосп≥шаЇ до слова

€к≥ називають один предмет                                               €ке починаЇтьс€ з голосного

             або ≥стоту.звука;

2. ј товаришуЇ з≥ словами,

              в €ких перший  звук -


Now open your books on page 103. Find exercise 2. Let`s read and translate.


 A                                                                    AN


A banana                                                              An apple

A cucumber                                                         An onion

A lemon                                                               An orange

A carrot

A tomato

A cabbage

A vegetable

A fruit

Well done, pupils! Now find exercise 1 on page 102. We must put the right article: a or an.

(Cucumber,cabbage,carrot,onion,tomato,apple, banana, lemon, orange)

8 –озвиток навичок д≥алог≥чного мовленн€

Hey, Posnayko, do you like fruit or vegetables? What fruit do you like? Why you say nothing? Oh, Posnayko has got an interesting song for you. Listen it and guess Posnayko`s favourite fruit.

(Compact disk)


                                              SINGING    FRUIT


                                    I like to eat,I like to eat,I like to eat,

                                    Eat apples and bananas. (2)

So, what fruit does Posnayko like? And now let`s make up the dialogues. For example:

-                        Do you like fruit or vegetables?

-                        I like fruit.

-                        What fruit do you like?

-                        I like apples, plums and oranges.

-                        But what is your favourite fruit?

-                        My favourite fruit is a plum.

Are you ready to read your dialogues? So, let`s read in pairs. 

III. «аключна частина уроку

1.≤структаж виконанн€ домашнього завданн€

At home you must draw your family`s favourite fruit and vegetables and describe them. For example:


             - It is a lemon. It is a fruit. It is small. It is yellow.

2.ќц≥нюванн€ учн≥в

  You are hard-working pupils. Nobody is lazy. So, you have got good marks.

   Your mark isЕЕЕЕЕbecause youЕЕЕЕ..

3.ѕ≥дсумок уроку

Look on the pictures and remember all fruit and vegetables.

( омпТютерна презентац≥€ Ђ Fruit and Vegetables ї)

Posnayko has got a wise proverb for us. Listen it. Then read and translate.

ЂPlant your own garden and have your own harvest! ї

So, children the lesson is over. Posnayko likes you and he has got a tasty present for you. Look! Those are fruit! Enjoy your meal and learn English with Posnayko! Good bye, pupils.

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