Animal World -

At the Zoo

At the zoo a see a bear,
He has brown fluffy hair.
I see lions, crocodiles
With a very toothy smile.
I see yellow long giraffes,
Funny monkeys make me laugh.
But my favourite animal at the zoo
Is an elephant what about you?

Counting Turtles

One little turtle, green and new,
Finds a friend, and there are two.
Two little turtles go to the sea,
Find a friend, and there are three.
Three little turtles go to the shore,
Find a friend, and there are four.
Four little turtles go to dive,
Find a friend, and there are five.

A Farmer

Chickens, kittens, piglets, too,
Donkeys, horses, cows that moo.
Fish that swim down in the pond,
Ducklings quacking all day long.
All these things you will see,
If you come to the farm with me!

Where Is the Cat?

Wheres the cat?
Under the hat.
Where? Where?
On the chair.
Wheres the cat?
In the box.
Where? Where?
Over there.

Frogs Everywhere

Frogs, frogs everywhere.
On the table and under the chair.
Look on the floor and under the door.
Red frogs, green frogs there.

The Frogs and the Dog

One, two, three yellow frogs
Now are sitting on the log.
Here comes the dog.
Three, two, one, no frogs
Now are sitting on the log.

My Kitties

I have a lot of kitties,
As quick as they can be.
They jump upon my lap
And purr their song to me.

Five Little Pussy Cats

Five little pussy cats
Playing near the door,
One runs and hides inside
And then there are four.

Four little pussy cats
Underneath a tree,
One hears a dog bark
And then there are three.

Three little pussy cats
Thinking what to do,
One sees a little bird
And then there are two.

Two little pussy cats
Sitting in the sun,
One runs to catch his tail
And then there is one.

One little pussy cat
Looking for some fun,
He sees a butterfly
And then there is none.

I Dont Like Pets

I dont like spiders, snakes or frogs.
I dont like birds. I dont like dogs.
I dont like foxes, flies or bats.
I dont like fish. I dont like cats.

Foxes, dogs and cats are hairy.
Spiders, snakes and bats are scary.

Fish and frogs are cold and wet.
Birds are not my favourite pet.

Ive got one animal in my house.
What is it? Yes, its my mouse.

Animals Counting Rhyme

One for an owl,
Two for a tiger,
Three for a toothy
And thin-legged spider,
Four for a frog,
And five for a fox,
Six for a snake
That is under the rocks!

An Elephant

An elephant walks like this and that,
He's terribly tall and terribly fat.
He has no fingers, he has no toes,
But look, what a funny nose!

Busy Bee

Oh, say, busy bee,
Where are you going?
Where are you going,
To work or to play?
Im in the garden.
Roses are blooming.
Im busy making
Sweet honey today.

Little Funny Snail

Little Funny Snail
Going slowly by
With her two antennae
Pointing to the sky.

I Love Bears

I love bears.
They are fat.
Bears are happy,
Bears are sad.
Bears are big,
Bears are small.
I love different bears,
I love them all.

Mrs Hen

Chook, chook, chook, chook, chook,
Good morning, Mrs Hen.
How many chickens have you got?
Madam, I've got ten.
Four of them are yellow,
And four of them are brown,
And two of them are speckled red,
The nicest in the town.

Make a Rabbit

Can you make one rabbit:
Two ears so long,
And let him hop around
On four legs so strong.
He eats five orange carrots
For dinner every day.
And when hes full, he goes
To the forest far away.

Where Is?

Where is the grasshopper?
Jumping in the grass.
Where is the cricket?
Singing songs for us.
Where is the cockroach?
Near the table, dear.
Where is the butterfly?
Oh, my! Shes not here!


Butterfly, butterfly,
Where do you fly
So quick and so high
In the blue-blue sky?

Butterfly, butterfly,
Where do you go?
Where the sun shines
And where the flowers grow.

The Bee

BUZZ! goes the bee,
Hour after hour,
BUZZ! goes the bee
From flower to flower.

BUZZ! goes the bee,
Making honey so sweet.
Bee makes the honey
That I love to eat!

: 28.04.2012